25 Incentive Examples for your Employees

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Incentives have three big categories: compensation, perks, and activities.

What employees want?

Recognition, compensation, benefits, work-life satisfiers, development opportunities, etc. This will keep employees engaged and motivated.

Countless businesses use incentives as a way of retaining and engaging their employees

Do incentives work for employees? What is the best way to recognize employees? How do you reward employees with Non-cash rewards? Here are some suggestions for you to put together a more comfortable workplace.


  • Reward new-hire referrals
  • Paid-for courses, conferences and certifications are an excellent way to help employees to reinvest in themselves and your organization.
  • Performance-related bonuses
  • You can ask for feedback: employees feel motivated when they know their opinions matter and their voices are heard.
  • Outdoor sports facilities.
  • Consider supplying employees the opportunity to donate their rewards to the charitable foundation of their choice.
  • Include a gym membership or another personal fitness program.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Recognize exceptional work (set achievable team goals) A recognition can take you to the moon!!!
  • Consider reimburse your employee's tuition for university degrees or another professional development program.
  • Reloadable gift cards give financial incentives for employees to reach their aims.
  • Possibility to go home early on a Friday who goes above and beyond at company-wide results.
  • A simple “Good Job” from the big boss can go a long way, they want to feel like the work they do matters.
  • Giving Free Vacations or an extra paid time off.
  • Stock options.
  • Consider offering free on-site flu vaccinations and lab tests at little to no cost to employees.
  • “Stress-Free Zone”: giving essential resources to cope with work anxieties.
  • keeping things light by offering Ping-Pong tables or any other board game.
  • Flexible hours can incentivize employees to gain your trust and make them think like your company is empathetic to their lives.
  • Consider a bonus to celebrate a special moment, such as an anniversary or a holiday.
  • Celebrate anniversaries.
  • Enjoying annual profit-sharing contributions, that represents 10 % of pretax net operating income.
  • Attempt providing your employees a social network program where they can socialize with each other.
  • Provide “office happy hours” for social time.
  • Consider provide primary care, annual physical exam and health exams.


“Safety Bonuses”: for following safe work practices.

Remember: first, figure out what motivates everybody on the team. You can design a survey to find out what the majority of your team members enjoy.

Combine monetary and non-monetary incentives

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